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Anwaar Ayub Raja is a professional Broadcaster, voice over artist and linguist for Urdu and MIRPURI languages. Soon after graduating from University of Luton’s media school Anwaar Started his career as a talk show host in one of the known British Asian TV stations based in London.
In 2006 Anwaar Joined Venus TV as Operations manager and Breakfast show host, during his contract with this station he produced many talk shows and organised many road shows. Anwaar was producer and presenter of Stations Flagship show “App Kay Shaher Main” in which he travelled around the Britain to explore success of British Asians.
In 2008 Anwaar Joined UK’s biggest Asian media Group Lit corporation which at that time  was known as Sunrise radio, Punjabi Radio and Kismat Radio. As a broadcaster Anwaar presented many Shows on Sunrise Radio, Kismat Radio and Punjabi Radio.
Currently Anwaar is based in West Midlands where he is working as a free-lance linguist. Anwaar has authored four books and currently he is working on his fifth book.


List of Publications


A book written with the backdrop of issues related to Afghanistan/Pakistan/India and Kashmir.A young Broadcaster travels through the history of sub continent with a exceptionally genius  traveller NAINA who knows every street, town, city, state of the trouble land. Published by Fact Publications Lahore, Pakistan.

*LENTHA  2010

LAINTH or LENTHA is bird from the trouble land of Kashmir. This book was named after this bird to praise those unsung heroes who fought a war which never ended. An eyewitness account of  INDO-PAK war in KASHMIR. Dairy of a  soldier who took part in war of Kashmir and a true reflection of those troubled times.


Biography of Captain Javed IQBAL Saheed (Sitar-e-Bilsalat ) who fought at the highest battle field of the world. Journey of love and pride.


One man can change the history- SAIF ALI JANJUA was just a soldier but his sacrifice and love for the land of KASHMIR earned him highest medal of bravery. Biography of a soldier.






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